Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK v7.0.6 (Free Gems)

V 7.0.6
To Play Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK and Build Your Own dragon Cities and prevent them to battle gaianst the opponents in Dragon ML.
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June 1, 2023
V 7.0.6
Android 6.0
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          Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK is a Free Simulation Game for dragon lovers where you can play in the world of dragons and create your own dragon to play with them. The Winning game provides its users with a strong adventurous and interesting gaming experience. It is an upgraded version of a simple Dragon Mania game with the latest and incredible features.

Dragon manai Legend MOD APK

In it, users enjoy establishing their domain and collecting different dragons. The users create their dragon city while playing the game and gather gems and coins to grow the city. In it, one can make friends to increase domain and one has to create his own army to defend his world city.

In the Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK, you have to train your dragon’s skills which are very helpful on the battlefield. In it, you have to fight for the survival of your opponents and lose them with the help of your dragons. You will face many hurdles in the way of building a dragon city.

Players of it never remain empty-handed at each survival or at each achievement they get treasure that upgrades their rank in the game. Thus, DML MOD APK is a very excellent gaming application for everyone of any age.

NameDragon Mania Legend MOD APK
CategorySimulation, Games
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
Root RequiredNO
Google Play

The Gameplay of Dragon mania Legend MOD APK

      At the beginning of the game, players would select a dragon to go on an expedition world of dragon city.  Users have to complete the tasks in the game to achieve high ranks and to level up themself. In it, a player has to gain a domain in which he builds a dragon city and creates their own team for battle wars. You have to fight for your own city in the game and sometimes you have to accept failure before you lose the game.

Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK

There are dungeons, treasure, chests, or other things that you have to discover, and all the gems, coins, money, etc. help you to upgrade your dragon’s skills and for the survival of your city.

In it, you have to make friends for your benefit as when your enemy attacks you then your friend will help you to resist your enemy. You can play it online also with your friends and family members. In it, you can chat with your mates in the game. It has several unique features that make it a very interesting and entertaining game. 

Features of Dragon Mania legend MOD APK

 Character Selection

     In DML MOD APK, you can choose any character which you like the most. In the modified version there are many different characters that are completely free for use. Thus, you can select anyone in any case and all the other items and elements are totally unlocked that you will use to customize your dragon’s team.

Choose Dragons

     You can select any type of dragon as there are different categories of dragons like;

  • Sweet dragons.
  • Family dragon.
  • Angry dragons
  • Fighting dragons

From the above categories, you can select any of them. Most players choose to fight dragons with skills for battle. Furthermore, you have the access to create and customize your own dragon and hand over the dangerous weapons to fight with the opponents.

Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK

Discovery of Secret Islands

         In dragon mania legend mod apk, you have to discover secret islands in the game and when you find them out they are automatically filed in your domain.

As you discover new islands your dragon city grows wildly. The expedition for the unknown islands is very entertaining because during the search for new ones, there are many clues that you have to solve to discover a new island.

 Build your own dragon City

     The islands you discover are automatically filled in your domain and by using this domain you can create a dragon city. And then you have to generate some amount for the requirements of the city. Thus, the treasure you get on completion of any task helps you to level up your city.

You will get many items and elements to design your dragon city to choose your favorite island. Dragon mania legend mod apk provides their users with to access a variety of dungeons just like a dungeon squad.

Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK

Collect Baby Dragons

   In this game, your first purpose is to find and collect the baby dragons and train for your battle against the enemies. you can collect baby dragons from the islands where you discover and these baby dragons be a part of your city and your team members. Baby dragons collect for your army and you will do training and be able to protect their city from enemies and various disputes.

Unlimited Missions and Levels

        It has unlimited missions and levels which you have to complete to upgrade your rank. And by completing different tasks you can grow your city and it is the best feature of the dragon mania legend mod apk.

Dragon ML

As you go farther and farther in it you will get more coins or gems which exaggerate your levels in the game. As you go farther in it missions become harder and harder for you and it is a very interesting game that provides you with an amazing gaming experience.

Unlimited treasure

      You could get unlimited treasure in the form of coins, gems, diamonds, etc. All the treasure you get will help you to unlock several characters that are very strong and helpful during a battle in Dragon City.

All the treasure you have is the real power of your city as you can buy anything at the time of battle. But Don’t worry, the dragon mania legend mod apk has already the strongest members that will help you during the battle.

Different Dragons

      There are many dragons in this game that are very strong and some are so humble. There are about 10 most dangerous and brave dragons. But the strongest dragon is the SUMO dragon which has the capability to win any battle easily. But it is unlocked only by good-ranked kings of cities. One who plays it continuously can unlock it easily.

Dragon Mania Legend

Make friends

You can make friends in it and can increase your territory. You can play this game online and play with your friends. These friends are very helpful to you but in return, you also have to help them in times of trouble.

Thus, it is the feature that makes it a much stronger and simulative game which is the best feature of the dragon mania legend mod apk.

Different Modes of Playing

     There are two types of gaming modes in which you can play the game easily. These are: 

  • Online gaming.
  • Offline gaming.

Online game:

     You can play this game online by using your internet connection. In dragon mania legend apk you can have conversations with your teammates and with family members online.

Offline gaming:

      You can also play dragon mania legend mod apk offline if you do have not the internet otherwise, we recommend you play this game online because it provides you with an amazing game-playing experience. And in it, you can do tasks for yourself easily without any other help.

Dragon ML

Mini Games

   There are several games in it that are known as mini-games in the dragon mania legend mod apk.

Such as;

  • Collecting food.
  • Swimming.
  • Mini Wrestling.
  • Sniffing treasures.
  • Holding material, etc.

These games you can play these when you are completely free. And they also give you some amount in the form of gems and coins.

Unlimited Gems, Coins, and diamonds:

       It has unlimited treasure boxes in the form of:

  • Dungeons.
  • Chests.
  • Expedition material, etc.

Five ways to get more Gems:

     There are five tricks share with you to collect extra gems are;

  • Exploration:

     By exploration, you may get 100 to  1000 coins easily.

  • Dungeons:

     Dungeons may give you a chest of 1000 coins or gems easily. But you can get it only by finding it by solving the clues.

  • Daily task, achievement, and quest:

       By doing daily tasks you can get 3 coins and by achieving a rank or by winning a battle you may get 50 to 100 coins or gems. And by quest, you can get about 50 coins in each quest.

  • Otto’s Lotto:

     It is a wheel, which you have to roll once a day and it is your fate how many coins you get by it.

  • Lotem of friendship:

                   It is the gift of your friend which he gives you as a donation freely. It is a  very easy way to get more coins and gems in DML MOD APK

Dragon Mania Legend
Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK

Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK Tricks

   There are some tricks that are not dodging tricks but actually, skills you can use to get more treasure and they also help you to complete the missions easily.

DML Codes:

    There are some helping codes in it which are very helpful in completing levels easily. You will get the list of dragon mania legend mod apk while playing the game on your Android phone. These codes are not like the codes of GTA Vice City but they are some type of clues that you can solve and complete the task easily.

FAQS of Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK

How to get unlimited gems in Dragon ml?

You don’t need to get unlimited gems in the dragon mania legend game. Just Download dragon mania legend mod apk it has unlimited gems, coins, and money because it is the modded version of the DML game.

How do you get a legendary dragon in Dragon Mania Legend?

Once the user achieves Level 5, these are the only Legendary Dragons that are always available through breeding (with no additional requirements other than certain pairings) or purchase with Gems.

What is the most legendary dragon in Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK?

8/17 Palkia.
7/17 Rayquaza.
6/17 Giratina.
5/17 Reshiram.
4/17 Kyurem.
3/17 Eternity.
2/17 Zygarde.
1/17 Dialga.

Who is the God of Dragons in DML?

Bahamut is the God of Dragon In Dragon ML MOD APK because it has a variety of superpowers from other.

How to Download & Install Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK?

Click on Download Button and Get the File with Fast Speed Downloading Servers.
After downloading, just click your APK File to Install the game On Your Android Phone.
Allow Storage and all the permission while the installation process.
It Will Take Time to Install, you need to wait. 
After Installing Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK, Build your own dragon city.

Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK


      To put it in a nutshell, with all the features explained above it is the most interesting gaming application. Because it is the real source of happiness and is shown by its 1 million + downloads through our site.

Thus, Dragon Mania Legend mod Apk is now becoming as famous as PUBG or free fire. It is also a game of battle and adventure. Everyone can play it without any age restriction. Nowadays it is a very very interesting gaming app among the younger generation and all of it is due to the features it has.


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1. Tap the downloaded Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK v7.0.6 (Free Gems) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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